In this video I demonstrate how to repair your iPhone wifi with a heat gun. It is an alternate method to reflow (rehot, rework) your fatigued solder joints connecting the wifi chip and components to the printed circuit board (pcb), aka motherboard. The original article and additional feedback on using the heat gun method can be found at Reflowing the iPhone motherboard using an oven is a proven method to repair the iPhone wifi. Here is a list of successes using the oven method: Advantages of the Heat Gun method over the Oven method: 1) Concentrated application of heat only on the problem wifi components. 2) Shorter treatment time. 3) Ability to use lead-free solder to gauge treatment period. Despite the fact that the oven method works, it carries the risk of damaging your entire motherboard because oven temperatures can be difficult to control. On the other hand, a heat gun will allow you to concentrate the heat on the location of the wifi chip connections without applying heat to the other board components. This method will work with the iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS. In fact, it will work with the iPhone 4 when those phones accumulate solder fatigue over time and begin to fail. The 2G is a little more difficult to rework than the 3G and 3GS because the motherboard is connected with solder rather than a push-in connector. In addition, this method will also repair the iPod Touch or any other unit that fails due to fatigued solder joints
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25 Responses to “iPhone WiFi Repair: Heat Gun Reflow”

  • Bancroft12194 says:

    Worked great on my iPad. I just used my hot air gun and blew at about 250C for 20-30 seconds on the little can next to the antenna connections. This can was on the same strip as the I/O cable.

  • MrChemicalboy says:

    hi guys. i have an iphone 3g with the same problem .i tried this method and oven pcb reflow ,and none of them worked it works (1person of 5) you must buy new wifi chip thats what i did it costed about 70 dollars .

  • nike2354 says:

    you say this works with an ipod touch. is there anyway you can show us exactly how to do this with an ipod touch? I am not quite clear on if I need to tear down the whole itouch or if I can focus the heat on the back of the itouch what? I have tried the chill fix and nothing happened.

  • mtran2405 says:

    Can i use hair blow dryer instead of heat gun but leave it for longer ?

  • bigcrispy0666 says:

    You are stupid this doesn’t keep it fixed I work for ebtech the lead free cracks with time

  • jurekeyboard says:

    Hi! I use a hair dryer and wifi work :)
    thank you very much my friend ;)

  • speedbump2k says:

    I did this last night to my iphone 3g and it works great now. I’m getting wifi signals where before it was just dead. I have to say at first i was a bit skeptical but this works great. Thanks for posting this how-to.

  • justinstroup88 says:

    this works… only took me about 15 minutes from start to finish. thanks!

  • TheBmwman94 says:

    Will this work for my 3g ? wifi + bluetooth doesnt work (not greyed out) doesnt find any wi-fi network. I tried to restore but didnt work. I suspect that isnt SW problem. Please help !

  • fae816 says:

    Budy, you are a life saver. IT WORKS!
    Thank you so much por posting this tutorial.

  • TheVele82 says:

    @xairepx1 wich componets did you reflow ?? thanks

  • bugis0007 says:

    Hi my friend,
    I been watching this your video, and all look seemed to clarify,
    I have started to do it by my self, I bought all components to begin this work, but there left only one thing/tool which I still cant find where actually to buy, this one which you used to cover motherboard, it’s made from silicone, in blue color, how it’s called?
    so please be kind and let me know the name, place where I can buy this tool.
    Thanks, any suggestions would be much appreciated.

  • alaaleala says:

    @xairepex : tnks :-)

    please, tell me the temperature of you hot air and the distance from the phone.
    I’ll do in the christmas holidays

  • xairepx1 says:

    @alaaleala : the best way is you reflow it..i tried and its tptally work.:)

  • xairepx1 says:

    @TheVele82 : i tried these method yesterday and its work on my iphone..but i did 3 times. 1st tmes the wifi still didnt work, same goes to 2nd..but the 3rd tme i tried with full of risk, its work fine!..

  • TheVele82 says:

    Hi, i tryed this method, first time reflow the square components about 20 seconds at 500 degrees heat gun, that doesn’t helped. second time i reflow the wifi bluetooth chip component about 20 seconds and the wifi worked, but only 24 hours.. anyone have advice to give? HELP please!! thanks all

  • rajithaify says:

    @kevmcc7 lol @ this reply

  • gcarmigl says:

    HI i wish to ask you, will this work with a Hair Drier?

  • kateeiscrazeyy says:

    very good video! can it also solved not grey wifi? i mean my wifi problem is only it cant detect any network at all. your reply is really appreciated thanks in advance

  • originaldanman says:

    P.S. I did the BT – WF module at the same time. I couldn’t see where it would hurt, I figured that if I didn’t and it didn’t work I’d have to take it apart again and do it anyway, so might as well kill 2 birds with one stone.

  • originaldanman says:

    Just fixed wifi after not working for almost a year. Works great! The only difficult part is taking it apart and putting it back together. It took me about 45 minutes start to finish.  Thanks much!!

  • jimbzx6 says:

    Yes!!! It worked Thank you man…I had a grey out wifi on my iphone 3G and followed your steps and fired it up bam wifi :)

  • grantmiller100 says:

    That’s awesome I’ll keep that in mind with me I 4

  • alaaleala says:

    Dear all,
    my 3g wifi works only during the winter. in the summer is “on holiday”. I mean it works only below 25° C. Should I do this treatment to repair it?

  • flexible PCB says:

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