The is how you download all you pictures for free Clear you’re cache only so when you are looking for photos you wont have to search through thousands of files. cut and paste this in the address bar when your slide show is complete about:cache?device=disk All the good quality pictures are going to be over 363565 bytes
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  • cinsto says:

    You’ve got to be kidding, something that REALLY works? Thank you! Nana is girl on a budget, and very happy camper now!

  • cameroondiva says:

    I can’t believe it works! First i saved all the pics without borders then i went back and added multiple borders to each pic and saved all of that. I almost passed out when i saw $14.99 for a picture. I was thinking that applied to say 50 pics. i looked at it it closer, couldn’t believe. CVS charges what 30cent for a 4×6 photo. I just told my sister she is about to start downloading hers too. We spent $2000! for the Disney vacation. I’m not feeling guilty

  • dennisdabomb17 says:

    Worked perfectly, thanks!!

  • novemberskycat says:

    thank ye muchly. Seriously. Saved me a ton of money.

  • valvedray says:

    Make sure you follow this step by step, Only the slide show will load the higher quality images, The “VIEW ALL” option images that get placed in the cache are much smaller and pretty much useless. so use the slide show!!! even though they appear to be small in the slide show, they load from a higher quality source. all right, let’s see how many people can follow simple steps.

  • Hoodwinkmuzik says:

    Thanks I followed the instructions step by step and was able to save my images to my computer! Thanks again u are a genius!

  • senyoritadaena says:

    slide show is not working in firefox:-(

  • fluidacid says:

    If not already answered…At the home page of photopass just click on “All” rather then “View Slide Show”. Then you’ll select which photo to edit on the next screen, just “Add Border” you like and click on “Save as Copy”. Do this to all the photos you want with borders and when your done go back to the home screen and repeat the steps on this video.

  • fluidacid says:

    Should work just fine with Firefox as your web browser.

  • fluidacid says:

    Worked perfectly for me, followed instructions just as provided. I just had to DL Firefox. Thanks a million, I was able to save some great moments of my kids and a ridiculous amount of money.

  • Ciaramaglia152 says:

    no photo appears. is there something i am doing wong.?

  • TheDieselTrain says:

    Love it man thanks a bunch!!!!! How do you add borders though?

  • pyronic120120 says:

    also keep in mind and this is also for everyone else… You will get some small images, those are the thumbnails that let you preview the image that is normal. but that is why he said the file sizes for the pictures should be larger than 363565 bytes. thats why i suggest if you have the time check each link one by one just to make sure. You wouldnt want to lose those memories due to laziness now would you. =P

  • pyronic120120 says:

    and checking the links one by one is the reason you have to clear the cash first so that you make sure that only recent items apear in the browser’s cash window.

  • pyronic120120 says:

    nope you have to first go your photopass home page and before selecting an album to do slide show you have to clear the cash… keep in mind this command he gave is for firefox only, after you cleared the cash click on the album’s slideshow button, go do something else for about half an hour or untill the slide show has finished playing then do the about:cache?device=disk thing into firefox’s web address bar and if you arent too lazy i suggest checking each link one by one

  • TheChuckwave330 says:

    Crap, what am I doing wrong? I cant get it to work. Maube disny cought on and rewrote the codes.

  • kathleens6995 says:

    so no one considers this stealing? cheating? no? just me I guess…

  • dscorca says:


  • storywheel says:

    Works great. The images are about 1280 x 850. Not super big but big enough for a half decent 4″ x 6″ photo printed.

  • Ajaxscott says:

    Wow!!! This youtube video is a must for anyone with a disney photopass. Thanks just does not cut it. At $ 15 a picture, you saved me some huge coin. I just had to download firefox and everything else worked flawlessly. Thanks again.

  • KatKKarate says:

    how can i delete the account because I don’t need it anymore???

  • mtlrain69 says:

    Awesome job here .. all of my photos came out with the highest resolution possible , crystal clear prints !! thanks..

  • xunchichen says:

    you are genius! 

  • Kiren says:

    My flash wont load in firefox it just says ‘loading flash’ then isn’t doing anything :/ what do i need to do? :(

  • Emily says:

    Tried it and it worked well enough. I was able to print out a few decent photos, however for anything you want to print as a 5×7 or higher, you might consider coughing up the $14.95 and getting the higher resolution photo from Disney. These free ones work fine for smaller prints but end up grainy the larger you go(kinda like looking at a digital photo from the first digital cameras). All in all, this is a great trick that I will be reusing in the future.

  • Bri says:

    I presently don’t have any photos in my photopass account. So I thought I would try your tip using uploaded photos and photos from the parks already in the photopass website. It worked, but the photos are not big. The biggest ones are about 20 to 30,000bytes. That gives about 267 x 400. Do you think it is only the photos taken in the park that work? Hum Thanks

  • hallo says:


    I bought my pics that I really wanted with good quality and the others I used this method. It really works although the resolution is a bit lower. The ones I purchased is about 2mb and these one around 319kb but for the 6×4 format or closer pics you do not notice too much difference.

    Thanks for sharing

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